Hyper Front OUTBREAK Patch Notes


Patch Notes:

I. Patch Highlights

[New Hero] Three new heroes will be released

Supporter Hero: Cure Light

Ability 1 - Nano Treatment: Mia commands nano-bugs to perform body repair on the selected teammate or herself to restore HP over time.

Ability 2 - Area Blockade: Releases a swarm of nano-bugs to blockade an area. Any units inside the area will be slowed.

Ultimate - Body Reconstruction: Select the death mark of a teammate and Mia will command nano-bugs to collect their scattered DNA to rebuild their body. After a period of time, the selected teammate will be revived with full Health onto the battlefield.

Tactician Hero: Veil

Ability 1 - Shrouding Sandstorm: Tap the ability map panel to select a location to link with Veil and generate a sand tunnel. Tap the ability button once more to raise a controllable sand barrier. The sand barrier inflicts Vulnerability on the enemies who touch it.

Ability 2 - Quicksand Desert: Summons an enlarging area of quicksand that inflicts Slow and deals damage to anything which passes through.

Ultimate - Forbidden Sand: Generates a sand orb that moves forward while obstructing vision and inflicts Vulnerability on enemies within it. Tap the ability button again to manually stop the orb from moving.

Brawler Hero: Nemesis

Ability 1 - Void Illusion: Gathers dark matter to create a void illusion that moves forward. Tap the ability to swap position with the illusion and dissolves it.

Ability 2 - Dark Oblivion: Nemesis releases dark matter around him and triggers a pulse of annihilation reaction. The pulse dissolves upon reaching its max range.

Ultimate - Dark Clone: Dark matter envelops the consciousness of Nemesis and produces a clone of himself. His original body stays put and when the clone gets killed, his consciousness returns back to his body.

[New Map] Brand new map Desert Tower goes live

[New Season] A new season of Outbreak will commence with new seasonal rewards and a new battle pass with significantly upgraded rewards. More events will be coming soon.

II. New Events

[Hyper Carnival Events]

A series of carnival events is here! Participate in the events to get legendary golden weapons, carnival exclusive avatar frames, name cards, spray-paints, and other generous rewards!

[Alpha Base Training]

Following the update, beginners can collect Energy by completing daily training and get rare weapon skin trial cards, permanent epic name cards, and weapon skins!

[Dauntless Challenge]

The new season will start at 21:00 on July 19. Rise through the rankings to get cute hero emotes and spray-paints!

[Beta Pioneer Reward]

CBT players can verify their UID on the event page to claim the pioneer name card, ornament, and other rewards!

[Mia Travel Journal Events]

Starting from July 19 at 21:00, participate in a series of events to get a commemorative spray-paint of Mia's travel and other generous rewards!

[10-Day Sign-in Bonus]

Starting from Aug. 18 at 21:00, sign in every day to get a bonus with the change to get the ultimate reward of Uzi epic skin [Darkmithril Blade] 30-day trial card!

[Operation Dawn]

Starting from Aug. 18 at 21:00, complete daily missions to get Starlight Points and light up Guardian Stars. You will be rewarded with Knight skin [New Beats] (7-day trial card), rare avatar frame Dislocation (permanent), rare R93 skin [Heartthrob], and other generous rewards as you light up more Guardian Stars!

[Guns Blazing]

Starting from Aug. 18 at 21:00, complete missions to get event points. Collect enough points to exchange for Desert Eagle rare skin [Arrow of Void] (7-day trial card), UMP rare skin [Arrow of Void] (30-day trial card), and other generous rewards!

[New Special Training Supplies]

New Special Training Supplies are coming in hot on July 19 at 21:00 with limited-time offer of permanent epic skins of Baseknife - Wild Forest and Ulti101 - Wild Forest.

[Legendary Hero Skin Matrix Box: Project X: Windtalkers]

New Coldcast legendary skin set Project X: Windtalkers will be available from July 19 at 21:00. Purchase the skin set and get a limited-time bonus of skin exclusive Artifact, name card, and avatar frame.

[Legendary Weapon Skin: Particle Engine]

A new prize wheel of legendary skin set [Particle Engine] will be available from July 19 at 21:00. Guaranteed legendary weapon skin within 20 draws and a new type of knife: Fist-blade (Particle Engine) will also be available for redemption.

[Epic Weapon Skin: Inheritor]

A new prize wheel of epic skin [Inheritor] will be available from July 26 at 21:00. Guaranteed all epic rewards within 10 draws and 2 new [Inheritor] skins are also included in the prize pool.

[Legendary Hero Skin Matrix Box: Multiverse (Chronicle: Miko, True World: Invasion Leader)]

Faith Arrow legendary skin set - Chronicle: Miko and Storm legendary skin set - True World: Invasion Leader will become available from Aug. 9 at 21:00. Purchase the skin set and get a limited-time bonus of skin exclusive Artifact, name card, and avatar frame.

[Epic Weapon Skin: Dawn]

A new prize wheel of epic skin [Dawn] will be available from Aug. 9 at 21:00. Guaranteed all epic rewards within 10 draws and 2 new skins M249 - Inheritor and M870 - Inheritor are also included in the prize pool.

[Epic Weapon Skin: Inheritor - Sun Seeker]

A new prize wheel of epic skin [Inheritor - Sun Seeker] will be available from Aug. 23 at 21:00. Guaranteed all epic rewards within 10 draws.

[Limited-Time Pack]

Coming in hot

New packs are coming on July 19 at 21:00: Shining Stars, Predator, Prestige Trial Card Pack, Trial Card Selection Pack

Available for a limited time from July 19 at 21:00 to Aug. 9 at 21:00: Starry Pack, Carnival Pack, and Star Carnival Pack

New packs are coming on July 26 at 21:00: Baseknife - Inheritor Pack

New packs are coming on Aug 2 at 21:00: Baseknife - Dark Knight Pack

New packs are coming on Aug 9 at 21:00: Baseknife - Dawn Pack

[Weapon Skin]

New permanent weapon skins such as M4A1 - Roaring New Year and AK - Amour will be available for purchase from July 19 at 21:00.

[Limited Crate]

New Premium Crate will be available for purchase from July 19 at 21:00: M4A1 - Mechanism Crate, Scar - Occultism Crate, MK14 - Metal Wave Crate, etc. New coin crates will also be available: Uzi - Labyrinth Crate, Refined Scholar Crate, Building Block Cate, and Dark Night Crate.

[Decoration Item]

New decoration items will be available for purchase from July 19 at 21:00, including epic and rare ornaments, spray-paints, name cards, and avatar frames.

III. Hero, Weapon & Control

[Hero Update]

[Faith Arrow]: Optimized the animation of her second ability "Burning Arrow" blasting to the ground so that it is more consistent with the actual physics.

 [Thunder]: Thunder can now cast his first ability "Lightning Dash" at no cost during shopping time. His ultimate "Ion Shock" now offers a HUD notification to indicate whether there are enemies within the ability's range.

[Coldcast]: Optimized the location selecting process for smoother casting of her second ability "Ice Barrier" and ultimate "Biting Storm". Enhanced the Fresnel effect of Biting Storm's Ice core (players will be able to spot the core more easily and decide whether to destroy it in order to interrupt the storm).

[Storm]: Storm now uses a full-screen panel to cast his first ability "Tornadoburst". The ability's animation and special effect have also been updated accordingly.

[Valkyrie]: Significantly reduced the CD of her second ability "Shield of Perseverance" so that Valkyrie can now cast "Shield of Perseverance" twice in succession to form a barrier. During her ultimate "Area Explosion", there will now be icons on the mini-map to indicate the bomb's location.

[Blast]: Blast's rocket launcher now has an updated model and animation to better match his background story and explosion effects.

[Firearm & Control Optimization]

Optimized the aim assist for pistols. It has a smarter algorithm now.

The slowdown received by targets getting hit is slightly increased for all firearms.

Optimized the bullet trajectory animation. Now the rendering of tracer bullets looks more natural.

Optimized the physical rendering of bullet dispersion. More bullets will spread to a higher position in line with the recoil.

Optimized the texture for certain firearms such as AK and Vector, especially the level of details on the rear of the firearm.

Added notifications for getting grazed by bullets. When grazed by an enemy bullet, you will be notified more clearly on the UI.

Optimized jump action. Added details for bending knees and adjusting body position in the air so that jumping looks more natural.

[General Ability Optimization]

Adjusted the charging mechanism for no-cost abilities: if a no-cost ability has 1 or more charges, no charges will be offered. If the ability is left with no charge, 1 charge will be offered at the start of a round.

Optimized the interaction between Starcore and abilities. Ability-generated items will no longer collide with Starcore (e.g. Frost's Icecore Trap).

Optimized the target detection mechanism of abilities to make sure the ability's actual effect range is more in line with the perceived range.

Optimized the icon display on mini-map (Coldcast's Icecore Trap, Coldcast's Ice Barrier, Sentinel's Drone, Sentinel's Homing Grenade, Valkyrie's Auto Turret, Blink's Dimensional Fog). These abilities now offer a clearer notification on the mini-map.

Added a countdown timer for shrouding abilities on mini-map (Storm's Tornadoburst, Cure Light's Area Blockade, Veil's Forbidden Sand). The countdown timer is only visible to teammates and with this feature, your team can launch attacks at better timing or decide on subsequent tactics.

Added margin display for abilities that exceed the mini-map (Coldcast's Icecore Trap, Blink's Dimensional Fog, Valkyrie's Auto Turret)

Optimized the notifications for damage source and ability source. You will receive a better notification when taking damage or getting affected by abilities to determine the ability direction.

Updated the assist algorithm for hero abilities. Now all heroes are subject to relatively fair assist counts.

Added view field adaptation for different devices for stun grenade abilities. Now devices with different aspect ratios can correctly scan the information in the view field to determine whether it is affected by stun grenades.

IV. System & Gameplay


Optimized radar map to improve its concision as well as accuracy.

Updated the names of most locations with a more general and concise naming pattern.

Added margin display when enemy avatar, Starcore, or certain abilities exceed the folded mini-map. Players can now get a better grasp of what's important on the battlefield.

Optimized the mark function. When marking the Starcore or a firearm, there will be a special sound effect, a text notification, an icon on mini-map, and a notification message in team chat.

Optimized the rating system and the algorithm for determining half-time MVP, full-game MVP, and match MVP. Now the rating rules are more unified and can better reflect the performance of a player in the match.

Optimized the round display. At the start of a round, the total winning rounds will be displayed so that players will know how many more rounds are needed to win the match.

Optimized the identification of dropped firearms. Now players can decide whether to make a switch more easily.

Optimized the Likes system. Added a function for giving Likes to MVP and updated the feedback and animation of giving Likes.

Optimized the shopping cart system and refined the algorithm for shopping cart recommendations. Now the shopping cart offers more diversified loadout recommendations and when a player performs a manual purchase, the purchased weapons will have greater weightage in recommendations.

Updated the sound effects of all hero abilities.

Audio of heroes' ultimate abilities of both teams will be differentiated. Now players can better distinguish whether a friendly hero or an enemy hero is casting their ultimate.

New concise and classic mode for killing streak message and rousing tune. Players can choose to play voice messages of double kill, triple kill, etc. according to their preferences, or they can choose to only play the rousing tune.

The sound effect of footsteps is more synchronous. The frequency and rhythm of the footstep heard by yourself and others are more consistent. When a player's moving speed drops to a certain speed, it will be regarded as silent walk with no footsteps.

Optimized footstep attenuation to enhance distance determination. Now players can better determine the distance from their target based on footsteps.

Updated the sound effects of bullets hitting different surfaces, especially metal surfaces.

Updated the sound effects of footsteps on different ground surfaces.

[Out of match]

Ranked Season 2 starts now! Receive 30 Competitive Points from Daily Ranked Reward. Competitive Points gained from matches and star protection required Competitive Points are also adjusted.

Added a new firearm research system. Firearms originally unlocked from Warrior Path are now consolidated into this system. Players can unlock firearms they are interested in via this system and the already unlocked firearms will not be affected.

Added a new equipping system for in-game actions and voice clips. Players can use this system to equip all kinds of taunt or celebration actions/voice clips to use in a match.

New daily first win system. Players can get EXP, Glory Points, and other surprise bonuses by winning a match in any mode or completing a ranked match in teams.

New collection leaderboard. Firearms skins and awakened firearm skins will also be ranked on the leaderboard.

Adjusted the class and difficulty categories of all heroes so that players can find a hero that suits their playstyle more easily.

Adjusted ability tags both in and out of matches so that they will be more consistent.

Hero mastery level cap is increased to Lv.8. Upgrade to certain mastery levels to receive exclusive rewards such as hero exclusive pistol skin, dynamic spray-paint, and avatar frame.

Adjusted and optimized hero biographies. Revised and completed the background stories of some heroes.

dded opening speech for heroes. Now every hero has their own opening speech.

Updated the algorithm for hero's fighting power. Now the fighting power can better reflect the player's skill and mastery of the hero.

Optimized the matchmaking algorithm for beginners so that they will have a better gaming experience during the beginner period.

Optimized the matchmaking algorithm for ranked mode. Both a player's tier and match performance are factored in, and the tier will have a relatively greater weightage.

Optimized the surrender vote algorithm. When a player disconnects from the game or gets taken over by AI, they would vote for surrender as expected.

Optimized the spectating system for the upcoming tournament.

Optimized the tutorial system. The tutorial system now offers less demanding missions so that players can get a free hero pack more easily. The preview and rendering effect of primary rewards is also enhanced.

Optimized reconnection. When a player switches the game to the background or is with a poor network connection, they can reconnect to the game more easily rather than having to restart the game.

Optimized the next match request system. When a next match request is sent to a friend who is in a match, both sides will receive a clearer notification.

Optimized custom avatars. Once approved, custom avatars uploaded by players will now be updated in time.

[Bug fixes & Optimization]

Optimized the red dots in the game. Players will not miss important messages such as clan invitations or team invitations.

Optimized interactive area in the game. Enlarged the tapping area that was too small so that players can continue with their operations more easily.

Optimized the redirect function in the game. Players can now conveniently redirect to interfaces or systems such as claiming rewards and leveling up.

Optimized the tapping feedback in the game. Added feedback notifications for certain operations such as friendship level-up, etc.

Optimized the slide bars in the game so that they will be more smooth and accurate.

Bug fixes. Fixed various bugs such as model glitches on certain interfaces, missing sound effects for some operations, low recognition or abnormal color of some texts, and weapon model glitches.

Thank you for your continued support. In the future, we will continue to work hard to improve your game experience, listen to opinions, and continuously improve the quality of the game.

All the best,

Hyper Front Tea